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Body language communicates more than what you say. Gestures, facial expressions, posture and physical contact are Gestures, facial expressions, posture and physical contact are also powerful forms of communication.
How good are you at reading body language? The one universal language is body language, no matter wh Creator: alice1. Body Language Test – 20 questions Play. Emotional Intelligence Quiz – 25 questions Creator: ppars. Emotional Intelligence Quiz – 25 questions Play. BodyLanguage – 8 questions Test about body language. Creator: maria. BodyLanguage – 8 questions Play. How well …
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Quiz How better can you read body language (General Quiz#1)? : Moderate Level – Q1: What this lady is expressing? Grief over loss, Sheer joy over success, Enthusiam, None of above,…
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Body Language and How to Read the Signs shows the way you look, gesture, smile, dress and move has the most impact on the other person’s attitude toward you. The way you say things is 3 times more important than the words you use. Being able to read body language means being able to see the obvious in everyday situations.
body language to the message I want to convey 14. I am good at reading the body language of others 15. I can keep my cool when talking to other people even if I feel angry about what they say 16. When other people in the group are quiet, I encourage them to contribute 17. I don’t shout and point at people when we have a heated conversation 18. When group discussions get heated, I am good at
About This Quiz & Worksheet. Use this quiz and corresponding worksheet to review and test yourself on positive and negative body language that can affect employees in the workplace.

How better can you read body language (General Quiz#1

10 questions body language expert David Alssema

The Body Language Test. Test your ability to read other’s nonverbal signals. Select the answer that sounds most like you.
Knowing Your Body Language Respond to each of the statements, choose one of the five choices. Be prepared to discuss your choices after you have completed the
The exercise below is for introducing and exploring body language and gestures vocabulary. Students match the vocabulary to the pictures. This can serve as an introduction to a discussion of intercultural communication and body language.
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IELTS Speaking Topics Body Language Here are some examples of questions about body language and communication from a recent IELTS speaking test, sample answers are provided to give an idea of possible ways to respond to these types of questions.
Use open body language , and a friendly tone. If he indicates that he wants to speak about a sensitive subject, and if this is appropriate, remind him that the conversation is in …
This 10 question quiz will give you some clues as to your own body language and how you read others body language. It can help you become more aware of what may be working or not working for you when it comes to creating relationships. Up to 93% of what we say is said through body language.

Language and Words Trivia Questions . Free language trivia questions and answers about language and words. What are you afraid of if you have pogonophobia?
T Tips for tutors; Reading and understanding Mood language . Activity about understanding mood, tone of voice and body language from text.
Your answers to questions are important, as is your stance while listening and responding. Keep these body language tips in mind: Keep these body language tips in mind: Posture and Sitting Style First and foremost: No slumping.
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Multiple Choice Questions This activity contains 10 questions. Oral communication is the interchange of _____ between the sender and receiver. Body talk is also known as: Oral communication is better than written communication for: The limitation of oral communication is that: In business, oral communication is face-to-face: The foremost barrier to oral communication is: The effectiveness of
Test your knowledge of body language in nonverbal communication with this interactive quiz and printable worksheet. These practice questions will…
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Job interview skills for English language students – identify examples of positive and negative body language people use in interviews and other workplace situations by completing a simple matching quiz. Part of a series of free online English lessons on the theme of English in the workplace. Browse our site for more free resources for ELT
Learning how to read body language. A professional trainer provides in-house training on non-verbal communication. A professional trainer provides in-house training on non-verbal communication. Are you good at reading the “tells” of people you encounter?

2 body surface; and the top of the head is the most 3 part of the body. The ears are 4 and 5 to the shoulders and 6 to The ears are 4 and 5 to the shoulders and 6 to the nose.
Answer questions as needed. 6. Students may choose to switch roles after every fifth item in the chart. Follow-up . 1. Go over the answers with the whole class. Answers may vary, so discuss whether more than one response may be appropriate for some items. Be sure students use the present progressive correctly in each response. 2. As a class, discuss body language in different countries or
INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM Academic Reading PRACTICE TEST 1 Answer all the questions. Write your answers on the answer sheet. Use a pencil. You must complete the answer sheet within the time limit. At the end of the test, hand in both this question paper and your answer sheet. INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES There are 40 questions on this …
DAVID Alssema, 31, body language expert, on the difference between flirting and being sociable, and how to know when a person is lying.
Comfortable body language Example: “My current employer would say that I’m pleasant and tenacious. I’m able to take accounts that have been deemed hopeless and recoup at least 50 percent payment in about six months.
Body language Silence Checking for understanding Smiling face Summarising what has been said Encouragement to continue Some questions Encourage participants to think about a situation where they must communicate with someone who is hard of hearing; anxious; has been put down in the past; doesn’t know who you are – what are some of the things you can do to help communication? 10 …
classify each of the terms in the key of question 2 above into one of the large body regions indicated below. insert the appropriate key letters on the answer blanks.
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