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To enable turning layers on or off in the PDF file, select Include Layer Information. To retain existing hyperlinks in the PDF file and convert sheet set links into hyperlinks, select Include Hyperlinks.
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Bluebeam PDF Save Location Tip by evstudio on June 10, 2016 If you’ve ever had Bluebeam files saving in seemingly random places, or the resolution is wrong…or you need to print directly to a …

Export Layer to Page: Exports the selected layer or layers to a PDF. If a layer has children, they are also exported. If a selected layer is not currently displayed, the layer will export without the content.
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16/09/2012 · Open it in Acrobat and delete it there or just turn off the layer and create a new PDF without layers or with hidden layers disabled. Yes I agree the figure will not appear if we turned off layer and save as PDF. The thing is two figures were placed in a same place in the PDF. Both figures were assigned as a seperate layer. One is a “Figure” layer and another one is “Default” layer (it was
Bluebeam REVU includes a feature called layers that allows you to group your markups into collections that can be turned on and off as a group. Jim demonstrates how to create a drawing layer and
4/11/2010 · I have two drawings of a building floor. One is demolition of existing items and the other is the new work and items being installed. I’d like to be able to overlap the two of them to see what distance there is between the old demo and the new work.

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Layers Tab Bluebeam Inc.

Today I had a student from one of my Bluebeam Revu classes ask me “Is there a function where I can take a picture and immediately mark it up.
Bluebeam Revu can be used in the field to add markups and comments to pages in the construction drawings. Jim demonstrates how to add markup layers to each sheet in the set of drawings so that markups can be organized by function, including punch list notations, as-built notations, comments and requests for information, and measurements and
You can save an annotation into My Tools directly from the document by right-clicking and selecting Add to Tool (even while not running Bluebeam PDF Revu). You can lock markups (Properties tab or CTRL+SHIFT+L) so they will not accidently be moved or edited. The gray control points indicate that the Lock flag has been set. To add custom columns to the markup list, click Manage Columns, then

Adding layers for markups

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