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The SS-18 (original Mods 1/2/3) entered development in 1964 as a leaner and more advanced replacement for the SS-9 missile. By 1969 the design of the missile had been finalized, with various versions conceptualized. 2 The flight tests started in 1973 and …
Bradford, S and Clark, M (2011). Stigma narratives: LGBT transitions and identities in Malta. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 16(2), 179-
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Parker, M., Allen, T., Pearson, G., Peach, N., Flynn, R. and Rees, N. (2012). Border parasites: schistosomiasis control among Uganda’s fisherfolk.
TY – JOUR. T1 – Challenge to the Profession. AU – Wartella, E. PY – 1994. Y1 – 1994. N2 –
Abstract. The Attachment, Self Regulation, and Competency (ARC) Framework is a theoretically grounded, evidence-informed, promising practice used to treat complex trauma in …
Future research on European Union Cohesion Policy: a Master Class during the OPEN DAYS 2014 Wolfgang Petzold* Committee of the Regions, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 18: 977–984, 2003 ISSN: 1047-322X print / 1521-0898 online DOI: 10.1080/10473220390244621 Graduate Student Case Study
10 percentage points higher for girls than for boys (Strand 2014). A recent review from the Depart- A recent review from the Depart- ment for Education showed 54.6% of boys achieving this benchmark – including English and Math-
Haberle, B., Conway, S., Valentine, P., Evans, A.C., White, W. & Davidson, L. (2014) The recovery community center: A new model for volunteer peer support to promote
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ISSN 1537-6494 print / 1537-6532 online DOI 10.1080

Struvite Formation in Wastewater Treatment Plants

About the author(s) Kimberly Petrovic is an assistant professor of Nursing in the Department of Nursing at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU).
Charlotte Oude Alink renamed Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development and Problem-based Learning: Linking a theoretical concept with practice through action research (from Zone of proximit development) Charlotte Oude Alink changed description of Zone of …
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1 Assessment of Cataloging Services in an Academic Library This is an accepted manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Technical Services Quarterly on 12/30/15, available online at:
trade more than 10 years and 42% for more than 20 years. The union’s health and wel- fare fund has sponsored a program of volun- tary chest films for the past 10 years, and 80% of those eligible have participated. Re- view of these films has shown that about 25% of the members have roentgenographic chan- ges strongly supporting a diagnosis of asbes- tosis with an equal percentage having sug

A feature of Australian Higher Education over the last 10 years has been the increased numbers of international students. This feature has been perceived to have great potential for enhanced learning for all students both international and domestic. Yet, student surveys and research clearly indicate that there is very little interaction occurring between domestic and international students
BAYESIAN VARIABLE SELECTION IN REGRESSION MODELS 731 of posterior summaries. Such methods have been previously applied to variable selection problems by Nott and Kohn (2005).
3 innovation. Such work can be said to examine more micro-level and emergent innovation activities (Cozzens & Sutz 2012, Singh & Gubta 2011, Utz & Dahlman 2007).

Mark is currently developing a book on context analysis and articles on small town urbanism, the relationship between housing types and neighborhood form, and continuing to write poetry.
19 Regions 307 Summer 2017 Regional Survey relying on static data sets at incorrect scales (LiDAR data – expensive, if cur-rent, and of variable resolution; Tide
“Systemising” and “Empathising” are two cognitive tendencies that individuals rely on to make sense of the world. Systemising involves the observation of environmental contingencies and the consequent formulation of concrete rules to predict events.
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Challenge to the Profession — Northwestern Scholars

Assessing instructional conceptions: A task-based approach – 1380361… 1 van 18 20/03/2013 15:34
In this study, we investigated whether video modelling can enhance gymnasts’ performance of the circle on a pommel horse. The procedure associated expert-modelling with self-modelling and quantitative performance analysis.
Despite Eagle University’s high retention rate, on-campus discussions about the practicality of setting higher retention and graduation goals are ever present.
‘They are bombing now’: ‘Intercultural Dialogue’ in times of conflict: Alison Phipps
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the short space of just two pages by Young. 10 Africanists in particular applaud the work both of Herbst, 11 who argued that colonialism did too little state-making, and …

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Alldred, P (2011). “How come I fell pregnant?”: Young mothers’ narratives of conception. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 16(2), 139-156.
THE PHENOMENOLOGY OF ALFRED SCHUTZ by Maurice Natanson University of California, Santa Cruz Alfred Schutz was the outstanding representative of the phenomenological approach
AMBI Faculty Zubin Master, PhD, New Publication . AMB I Faculty Zubin Master latest AJOB open peer commentary has been published. Here is the link to the article for purchase:
on their mobile devices. As mobile devices have deeply saturated the college student population, this problem will likely continue to pose a significant obstacle for faculty.
Innovative approaches to research methodology are a potential counterbalance to the dominance of established methods and may be more responsive to specific research aims.
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DOI: 10.1080/13569310701285016. proceeds from the initial claim that—if adequately clarified—such a theory might be put to this kind of work generally, in presenting aspects of previously familiar discourses in a new light, and holding out the possibility of reappraising them from that standpoint. In what follows a basic observation regarding the return of political religion theory is
Local Environment, 8 (6), 627 – 640. 10.1080/1354983032000152734 [Taylor & Francis Online] , [Google Scholar], p. 629) contend, indicator projects evolve out of policy-making processes and the debates on them are dynamic sites of conflict and cooperation between policy actors.

10.1080/23311908.2015.1038894 Cogent OA

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This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Teaching in Higher Education published online on 9 December 2013 and published in Vol 9 Issues 2, 2014), available
Nutrient removal from wastewater discharges is an increasing challenge for water authorities, as regulatory authorities tighten discharge standards to avoid eutrophication problems in receiving waters.
DOI: 10.1080/15459624.2014.970273 An Empirical Model of Human Aspiration in Low-Velocity Air Using CFD Investigations T. Ren ee Anthony ´ 1and Kimberly R. Anderson2 1Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 2Department of Environmental and Radiological Health, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado Computational fluid dynamics …

Agee J. (2009) Developing qualitative research questions


Total Quality Management, 2016 Increasing accuracy of the Kano model — a case study Peter Madzík
152 W.-S. CHANG ET AL. FIG. 1. Corrugated-Core Sandwich Panel and Panel Unit. 1. The yield function is a function of the direct stresses associ-ated with flexure of the plate only, but not of the transverse
2015-05-23 互联网有哪些特点 186; 2016-08-25 互联网资源协作服务是指哪些具体业务; 2016-12-28 互联网发展起来之后,网络配置在资源中将发挥什么作用
Dr. Dov H. LEVIN 杜拉文. Dr. Dov H. Levin is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Department of Politics and Public Administration.
were 0.18 standard deviations (95% CI: 0.10–0.25) larger than the effects reported by unpublished studies (Polanin, Tanner-Smith, and Hennessy 2015). Publication bias changes the magnitude, signifi-


Mobile Phones in the Classroom

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relying on static data sets at

Dr. Dov H. LEVIN 杜拉文 Department of Politics and Public